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Availability of scripts
'Enslaved by Dreams' by Chris Bowler
'Mourning Pictures' by Honor Moore
'Shakespeare's Sister' by Theatre de l'Aquarium translated Gillian Hanna
'The Colony', by Pierre de Marivaux translated Gillian Hanna
'Comes A Cropper' by Robyn Archer
'Vinegar Tom' (scenes 1 to 7) by Caryl Churchill
'Calamity' by Bryony Lavery
'The Execution' by Melissa Murray
'Alarms' by Susan Yankowitz
'Island Life' by Jenny McLeod
'Waving' by Carol Bunyan
'Medea' by Euripides adapted Clare Venables
'My Song is Free' by Jorge Diaz
'Beatrice' by Ian Brown
'More Than One Antoinette' by Debbie Shewell
'Love Story of the Century' by Marta Tikkanen
'My Sister in This House' by Wendy Kesselman
'Scum' by Claire Luckham and Chris Bond