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We expect to be adding new material to the site for quite a long time after its initial launch early in 2019. We’ll add updates here, indicating the main additions as they are made.

Update January 2023 Scripts for the following shows have been added: Kiss and KillTeendreamsDialogue Between a Prostitute and One of Her ClientsThe Fourth Wall, and A Common Woman. They’re located both in the ARCHIVE: Scripts section, and in the Words sections of their respective PRODUCTIONS pages.

Update February 2022 Over the past few months the following scripts have been added: ScumThe ExecutionMy Song is FreeAlarmsMore Than One Antoinette, BeatriceMy Sister in This HouseLove Story of the Century, The Colony Comes a Cropper, and Medea. They’re located both in the ARCHIVE: Scripts section, and in the Words sections of their respective PRODUCTIONS pages.

Update February 2021 Much of the recorded music from the following shows has been added: Scum, Vinegar Tom, Floorshow, Kiss and Kill, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes I, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes II, Mourning Pictures, The Execution, Enslaved by Dreams, Point of Convergence, My Song is Free and The Colony Comes a Cropper. It’s located in the Sounds sections of their respective PRODUCTIONS pages.

Update September 2019 Over the past few months, scripts for the following  shows have been added: Calamity, Mourning PicturesShakespeare’s SisterThe Colony and scenes 1 to 7 of Vinegar Tom, joining Enslaved by Dreams. They’re located both in the ARCHIVE: Scripts section, and in the Words sections of their respective PRODUCTIONS pages.


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More at the V&A

A lot of the material on this website comes from the Monstrous Regiment company archive, which is held in the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Archives in London. But there’s a great deal more in the archive than is here on this website. The recently completed catalogue is now available online at: https://www.vam.ac.uk/archives/unit/ARC24744; also at: https://archiveshub.jisc.ac.uk/data/gb71-thm/450.

You can find out about accessing material in the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Archives at: https://www.vam.ac.uk/info/theatre-performance-archives. And note that these V&A Archives also hold material from other theatre companies of the same time, such as the Women’s Theatre Group, as well as the archives of the Arts Council.


Unfinished Histories

If you’d like to find out more about feminist theatre in the 1970s and 80s and the alternative theatre movement of which it was a part, do visit www.unfinishedhistories.com, which also has information about interviews with Gillian Hanna and Mary McCusker, founding members of Monstrous Regiment, and with writers, directors and designers who worked with the company such as Bryony Lavery, Andrea Montag, Chris Montag, Lily Susan Todd, Michelene Wandor and Hilary Westlake.


Copyright and Permissions

Unless otherwise indicated, all the material on this website is the intellectual property of The Monstrous Regiment Ltd, and using any of it for purposes other than personal or educational ones is strictly prohibited.

We’ve tried to identify and contact copyright holders such as photographers, graphic designers, writers and composers, to ask permission to reproduce the work they did for Monstrous Regiment. Everyone we’ve managed to contact has agreed to this and we are very grateful to them for doing so.

We apologise to those we haven’t managed to contact, and hope they will get in touch with us. We apologise also for any mistakes made in attributing items to individuals, and hope that they, or those who know of their work, will get in touch with us so that we can correct these mistakes. They can contact us at: info@monstrousregiment.co.uk



To Simon Sladen, Ramona Riedzewski, Sabrina Sandford and their colleagues at the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Archives at Blythe House, for their help in accessing the Monstrous Regiment materials prior to cataloguing and for hosting the October 2016 archive launch; to Dominic Kennedy, archivist and education officer at Cheek by Jowl, for his invaluable advice and encouragement early on in the project; to Emma Dodds and Adrian Rowe at Industrious Dark for their work on cleaning, editing and re-presenting the scanned archive images, and to Geraldine Charles for agreeing to transfer to us the domain name for this website.


Additional materials

We’d be very pleased to hear from you if you have any materials that might be suitable for adding to the company’s archive. If so, please get in touch with us at: info@monstrousregiment.co.uk

For example, there are several shows for which we have almost no photos or reviews, and we are short of live performance recordings, especially video. Or maybe you have old copies of magazines with articles about Monstrous Regiment and feminist/political theatre, or tape recordings of radio interviews?



We’re going to need money to maintain and develop this site over the coming years – digitalising more recordings, paying for hosting and security, etc. So any donations would be extremely welcome.

Since Monstrous Regiment has charitable status (Charity Commission no. 274517), a simple way to do this is through the Charities Aid Foundation. Just go to the ‘I’m an individual’… ‘Donate Now‘ page of their website. In the ‘Find A Charity’ box, enter ‘The Monstrous Regiment Limited’, and follow the instructions. Thank you!