Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1)


From the offices of Wall St to the factories of Europe, money flows and lives are changed as economies rise and fall. A young blonde woman searches for financial security, which brings her into the lives of the rich, the foolish and the opportunistic. Played out against the economic tensions of Europe in the 20’s there are wisecracks galore. But also reminders of the hard-edged truth: many Gentle Men Prefer Money.

  • Written by the company, inspired by Anita Loos's novel


Chris Bowler
Linda Broughton
Lorelei Lee
Josefina Cupido
Iain Glass
Gus Eisman/H Gilbertson Montrose/Lady Shelton/The Countess of Arbroath/Louis Broussard, 'Louie' /Mrs Henry Spoffard III
Gillian Hanna
Dorothy Dempsey
Stephen Ley
Frank Smith/Mr Bartlett/Sir Francis Beekman, 'Piggy'/Lady Beekman/Henry Spoffard III
Mary McCusker
Major Falcon/Gloria Schwartz/Laura Corrigan/Robert Broussard, 'Robber'/Miss Chapman/Sigmund Freud/Amy Spoffard/Statue of Liberty

Production Team

Susan Todd
Andrea Montag
Hilary Lewis
Costume Designer
Josefina Cupido
Veronica Wood
Lighting Designer
Meri Jenkins
Production Manager
Jessica Higgs
Technical Assistant
Gus Garside

Places and dates

Warwick Arts Centre Studio, Coventry
21/06/1979 - 23/06/1979
St Paul's College, Cheltenham
25/06/1979 - 26/06/1979
Chelmer College of F.E., Brentwood
Jackson's Lane, Highgate, London
Communist University of London

“After the performance, a great friend and supporter of the company came into the dressing room and murmured ‘Darlings, the curtain call – how brave’.”
Monstrous Regiment: A Collective Celebration 1991. Gillian Hanna, a cast member, recalls the show’s last performance before it was replaced by an entirely new one with the same title.


Programme and office record for the first version of this show, devised by the company

Extract from 2016 Interview, discussing relationship between the two radically different versions of this show