1983 - 1984

Three strangers arrived in town. One was French and mysterious, one dust-stained and raucous, one quiet and homely. They had come to audition for Kohl and Middleton’s celebrated Wild West Show. This unlikely trio were signed up and the Show headed for Dakota. Based on the lives of three extraordinary women Calamity follows the hilarious trail of their epic wagon train across the mythical history of the Wild West.

  • Written by Bryony Lavery


Jane Cox
Quiet Kate
Gillian Hanna
Calamity Jane
Mary McCusker
Madame Moustache

Production Team

Nona Shepphard
Andrea Montag
Veronica Wood
Lighting Designer
Jane Cox
Hilary Lewis
Costume Designer
Meri Jenkins
Production Manager
Valerie Dew, Deirdre Malynn
Jude Rugg

Places and dates

Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft
29/09/1983 - 01/10/1983
Wells Arts Centre, Wells-next-the-Sea
07/10/1983 - 08/10/1983
Axis Theatre, Crewe
11/10/1983 - 12/10/1983
Theatre in the Mill, Bradford
14/10/1983 - 15/10/1983
Arts Centre, University of Warwick
19/10/1983 - 22/10/1983
Civic Theatre, Scunthorpe
24/10/1983 - 25/10/1983

‘… a fascinating and original work. Its language at times plumbs deeply felt and deeply moving poetic veins. Yet it is rarely overstated. And it is full of verve, humour and wit. The acting is superb…’
Coventry Telegraph Oct 1983

‘… a fabulous antidote to all those sharp-shooting, gum-chewing westerns which feed childhood.’
Barney Bardsley Tribune Feb 1984




Calamity Script

Excerpt from a 2016 interview, in which Gillian Hanna and Mary McCusker look back at Calamity, which they performed with Jane Cox on an extensive tour.

A selection of reviews


Press cuttings

Production schedules


Audio clip from a 1984 radio interview about Calamity, with a slideshow of contact sheet production images